Updated 6 months later: The 1080P were converted to MP4 and not WMV. Now, I can play all of them on my PS3.

Yes, I decided to review All Girl Massage. For my review, I decided to take the 180 days offer since the cost per month was the best deal for the buck. You could also get in on a monthly basis or for 90 days depending on your budget.

What it is All Girl Massage?

All Girl Massage is a video site dedicated to offer specialized video for person's that like the name says it love ... wait for it ... All Girl Massage. At the time of this review, 79.45% were Male, 11.64% were Female and 8.9% Meat Popsicle. Like you can see, it also targets the lesbian market.


Registration was easy and safe since it's being process by a known compagny in the adult payement processor field. So far, so good.

I like FULL HD

The biggest selling point for me was that I could get FULL HD(1920x1080 MP4(updated)) quality video of an all girl massage without copyright restriction being used on the file itself. But, the secondary point was that I was able to play it on my PS3.

Of course, you can have lighter version of the videos in the following format: DVD (720x480), VHS (640x480), iPad (H.264,640x480 MP4), iPhone/iPod (640x480 MP4) plus Still Photos 1800x1200 JPG 100+ Pictures.

Since I saved the file on my hard drive, I did not used the default name of the file. I used this naming convention:
name of the video.mp4 for simplicity sake after using othe naming methods.

So, is it naughty or not?

In a word: YES, of course!!!!!

Okay, it's like this for most of them: the lady client arrive, the masseuse tell her to disrobe and then start the sensual massage while talking about things and the rest well you know :D. Sometimes, they use the bed that is near by or dildo or/and butt plug . Myself, I like the sensuallity of the videos since it's not 2 minutes and ... oops! the masseuse's finger is in the client's pussy. No, it won't earn it an Oscar. The average length is about 20 minutes.

Is is worth it?

If you like massage and sensual lesbian videos, I do not hesitate to recommend All Girl Massage. Btw, you have acces to the similar sites too! That's even a better deal for me.

Coupon code (20%/3 months): naughtyblog

Update: After a 6 months trial, I can say that it's worth it.

Here is a tip (Sept 2013): If you have a big monthly Internet bandwidth quota, register for 1 months using the coupon code so to be able to download all the current files. But once it's done, wait for 12 months, register for 1 month with a $5/month special they will email you and just download the newer ones from the last year. Of course, the 3-6 months offer give you the most bang for the buck plus time to download videos from the others sites if you want. depending on your bandwith/time

Updated 6 months later: The 1080P were converted to MP4 and not WMV. Now, I can play all of them on my PS3.

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