The classic vibrating dildo has been a discreet friend to women for many years. Easy to store and easy to use, it has been the go-to sex toy for women who want a little extra pleasure in their lives. Over the years, the dildo has seen improvements on its design, especially as we understand more about female pleasure and the female body.

The G-Spot

The G-spot is a small part of the inner wall of the vagina, about 2-inches inside and behind the bladder. If you touch it with your fingers, it is usually raised slightly and feels spongier than the rest of the soft tissue around it. Usually pressing or gently massaging the area will give a woman intense pleasure and will help her achieve some of the deepest and most incredible orgasms she has ever experienced.

Of course, every woman is different in how she responds to G-spot stimulation. Some enjoy a finger pressing into it. Others find the small pressure of the finger too intense and sometimes painful, so a broader stroke is necessary. Unfortunately, during sex it can require sex positions you may not be accustomed to using to reach it reliably and most traditional dildos are simply not optimized to reach it comfortably.

The G-Spot Vibrator

The G-Spot Vibrator features a curved shaft, designed to stroke the area where the G-spot is located. Typically, the head of the vibrator is slightly wider than the rest of the shaft, narrowing a little to the tip. This allows a woman to adjust the stroke of the vibrator for a narrow or broad touch, depending on her preference. Some varieties also include an additional appendage for clitoral stimulation as well and many are waterproof so that you can enjoy them in the bath or shower.

G-Spot Exploration

You can use the G-spot vibrator to explore your body, experimenting with different pressures and vibrations as you learn the best way to stimulate your G-spot for an incredible orgasm. Try different strokes with the vibrator and vary the speed of your stroke as well.

Your partner can get into the game as well during foreplay. A G-spot orgasm is a pleasurable way for him to help you prepare for intercourse, softening your body in a way that will enhance both of your pleasure. If the two of you are interested in exploring a squirting orgasm, then the G-spot vibrator will be a useful tool, helping you achieve the kind of orgasm that will help her squirt successfully.

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